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Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet Manufacturers

Topaz Roofing is the Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets Manufacturers with a thickness of 4mm to 45mm approximately. These are the light weight materials with good heat resistance.

We are one of the best Polycarbonate Multiwall sheet Manufacturers in Hyderabad offering the wide range of roofing structures by taking considerations of various requirements of the client’s.

Features of Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets:

Topaz Roofing is the brand name for the Polycarbonate Sheets Suppliers and Service Contractors which provide the structures which are flexible with the client’s needs. Nowadays most of the Population is turning to the usage of Polycarbonate Multi wall sheets for their long lasting behavioral characteristics.

  • • Weather Resistant-These sheets are designed to be resistant in all types of whether conditions.
  • • Light Transmission-Our Polycarbonate Multiwall sheets are designed in such a way to transmit light by blocking the harmful UV rays.
  • • Impact Strength-These sheets are 200 times stronger than glass.
  • • Easy Installation Process-The sheets of Polycarbonate Multiwall are flexible and can be easy installed anywhere without any risk.
  • • Anti-Fog-Polycarbonate sheets are coated with an Anti-Fog Layer.
  • • Thermal Insulation
  • • Sound Insulation
  • • Light in weight
  • • Structural Durability
  • • High Fire Ratings
  • • Energy Consumption

    Applications of Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets:

  • • Displays
  • • Commercial Buildings
  • • Swimming pool covers
  • • Conservatories etc

Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet Manufacturers – Topaz Roofing

The Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheers are mostly used in the data centers construction. Multiple systems are covers under these Multiwall Sheets by spreading the conditioned air all round the server room. By using these sheets one can built beautiful and good looking structures at very low prices.

With the best efforts in the field of roofing we have been regarded as the Polycarbonate sheets suppliers and service contractors in Hyderabad.


Once you reach the Topaz Roofing Company which is a Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet Manufacturer will provide you all the required details for needed for your Building Structure.